The Barn

In downtown Gothenburg, inside the moat and beside the Gothenburg Cathedral, there is an old barn. The Barn’s history stretches far back in time, all the way to 1934 – when a certain barn was built in “Schlätta”, outside Vara. In 2013, four friends from Vara saw potential in the abandoned barn. They had the idea to open a restaurant inspired by an older relative who had travelled to America to become a chef.

The menu at the restaurant is simple without being boring, and combines the best Swedish ingredients with the best of American culinary culture.The four friends got to work tearing down the barn, which was then raised in a new form in the heart of Gothenburg. And the result became The Barn. As you look around our restaurant, you will find parts from the old barn.

We make essentially everything from scratch at The Barn. The mayonnaise is lovingly hand-whipped by our chefs, and the burger meat is ground on site, here in the barn. Our hamburger buns are specially made just for us, so you can be sure you won’t find them anywhere else. Restaurateurs and politicians alike have praised the creamy Swedish präst cheese on our burgers. Because we value a love of homemade ingredients, we’ve made our own schnapps and three kinds of beer.


American-inspired culinary culture with a locally grown Swedish twist and a love for the Västgötaslätten region.


• Familiar
• Rural


Restaurant 75 ppl


• Group menus
• English menus
• Rent the entire
• Outdoor patio/terrace

Take away 031-352 49 49
Kyrkogatan 11
411 15 Göteborg
Business hours

Mon closed
Fri 11.30-14.00
Sat 13.00-23.00
Sun closed